Resident Membership and Involvement

NYSANA encourages all nurse anesthesia residents in New York State to get involved in the association! Below, please find ways to participate as a student and resources available to you. 


The NYSANA Programs Committee sponsors state meetings. These meetings include a range of current anesthesia topics as well as fun social events and chances to speak with exhibitors and employers. A great networking opportunity, students received discounted registration fees to attend. Click here to take a look at upcoming meetings. We often make calls for resident volunteers for state meeting. Previous opportunities included participating in college bowl and serving as models for POCUS workshops.

NYSANA maintains a modest resident meeting fund supported by CRNAs. When funds are available, they will be distributed to residents after they register for and attend a meeting, in the form of a credit card refund. This often reduces registration costs by as much as 50%. CRNAs interested in contributing can do so here. Thank you for your support!

In addition to state sponsored meetings, the NYSANA Educational Districts also sponsor local events. These events are generally shorter--dinner or one-day meetings--and are also a great networking and learning opportunity. Discounted registration for students is offered by the districts. Upcoming meetings can be found in our community calendar here


Please watch for calls for abstracts via email and social media.  If you are looking for opportunities for presenting a poster or offering a lecture on your research topic at state or district meetings, please talk with your program director and your program's Resident Liaison.


The Resident Liaison Committee is comprised of nurse anesthesia resident representatives from every nurse anesthesia program in New York State and chaired by the Resident Liaison Chair, a CRNA. These residents are usually seniors and appointed annually by the school's program director. Please speak with the current liaison or your program director if you are interested in this position.  

Resident liaisons can provide valuable information about how to become involved in meetings, presentations, Political Action Committee drives and other NYSANA related events. 


Join hundreds of your fellow CRNAs and residents in the nation’s capital to learn about the pro-CRNA legislative agenda and how to advocate for your profession. Then, team up with CRNAs and fellow residents in meetings with members of the US senate and congress representing New York State.