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Get the word out about CRNAs to your local Legislators

As CRNAs, we know we are the present and future to an ever-evolving healthcare landscape. We are highly educated, advanced practice registered nurses who help improve access to safe and affordable anesthesia care in an overburdened healthcare system. We must inform our local representatives of the impact of our profession. Please pass along this link.

Support CRNA’s in New York

Current Legislative Effort

For the 2022 legislative session begins in January, NYSANA is focused on a bill to create licensure and a scope of practice for CRNAs in New York, critical to our profession. There is interest in the assembly and senate, but we need member outreach to keep the pressure on.

Each member can make a difference in their own district. You might not think “reaching out to my representative” is something you’re inclined to do, but local voices have the greatest impact. We’re here to support you!

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